Sunday, November 3, 2013

Missionary Monday - My Heart's Desire

Isobel Kuhn is my most favorite missionary and writer of all times. She and her husband went to Southern China before WW2.  When I found out that I was coming to this area and travelling to the Burma border, I asked the Lord to let me meet a Lisu Christian. Our meetings here in Dimapur started on Friday and a young man was placed in Randy's section. He asked Randy some questions off and on during the conference and was always close by to us during the break. We had a wonderful time with Jimmy. Last night Randy asked more in depth about where he was from. He discovered he was Chinese. My husband asked if he knew who Isobel Kuhn was and that she was a missionary to the Lisu. Jimmy said, "I am Lisu.". I cried! Fruit that remains! God gave J.O. Fraser a vision for these people many years ago and it is still bearing fruit! Jimmy is a Christian and is in Seminary!!!!

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