Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Terrific Tuesday - Kitchens

Kitchens...how I love Kitchens!  And what is in kitchens???  Gadgets!!!  Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE gadgets!!  During our time in India, one thing that was greatly lacking were gadgets!!  Not even stoves and refrigerators!!  .....And yet there was joy, smiles, fun, hard work, good food, and GREAT fellowship!!  The pictures today are just a few of the kitchens that I spent time in.  One thing was the same everywhere, no one would let me help.  I guess they knew I was probably helpless without my GADGETS!!
Didn't get a good picture in the kitchen, but here they are serving us outside.
These are all the people who helped with the food prep our first night in Dimapur.
See the stove????  Of course you do, it is the big one on the left with the large
flame under it!!!  The fuel for the stove is neatly stored above it!
Mixing the squash.

She was having too much fun!!!

Hard work and laughter!  What a pleasant experience!!
The only place where I saw a little two burner gas table.  This kitchen has a
chimney even!!!
Our cooks in the village of Leiting, Manipur.  Search for it on Google Maps!
The ladies of Ruhm Baptist Church eating after they served us!
Pastor Somi's kitchen.
The pastor's kitchen in Nungbi Khullen.  Notice the very dark walls.  This
is due to the smoke from the open fire.  I had a wonderful time "hanging out" in
this kitchen with everyone.  Of course, they had to help me up off the little
stool I sat on, but that gave us all something to chuckle about!

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