Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Terrific Tuesday - My Winter!!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by!  We have been so busy with a big change!  If you have known us for very long, you know there are always BIG changes in our lives!!  THE big change......We are moving (29th time if you are counting) back to Ohio to be closer to firstBible.  Randy will be the National Training Coordinator in addition to our travels in New England.  We are excited about this change and excited to be back at missions work full time.  My health is so much better and I am able to travel more.  The trip to India just sealed in our hearts the desire to be involved with foreign missions in a greater capacity.

Our Darling Daughter
In January, we had a wonderful visit with Randy's family in Florida.  We were also able to spend some time with my sister.  I actually got some decent pictures of her.  Don't ask her though, she thinks she is not photogenic.  At one point during our visit to Florida (during their cold snap BTW!), we caught up with our friends the Miller Family.  We enjoyed hearing them sing in a Wednesday Evening service.  What an encouragement they are!  One of the young Navy Corpsmen from our church in Okinawa also lives in Jacksonville now and we had the blessing of meeting his wife, parents, and his new baby girl.  What a heart warming moment.  I was so happy to see how Carmelo is maturing.  It makes me feel like Paul when he said, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."
My sister and I
Abigail Miller singing
Carmelo and Family
When Randy and I first married, we lived in Florida.  Jacksonville, St. Augustine (where Christa was born), and Daytona Beach hold some dear memories for us.  So in early celebration of our 33rd wedding anniversary, Randy took me to a hotel on Daytona Beach for two nights.  What a great time we had walking the beach and talking about the years that have flown by.  It also made us remember the anniversaries spent in Okinawa.  I am not a beach person anymore and because of the chemo pill I take, I am not allowed to hang out in the sun for long, but the sound of the ocean waves always reminds me of the Lord's wonderful grace......Always Enough, Always More!

Sunrise Daytona Beach

Lunch on the Pier
We celebrated our anniversary with Christa on Presidents Day as she was off of school.  What a lovely day we had going to Charming Charlies (Randy went to the book store), Cheesecake Factory for lunch, The Green Teahous, and Crate and Barrell!
Charming Charlies - the ultimate costume jewelry store!

Thai Chicken Wraps

Our Christa being so silly!

This last weekend we took a trip to Maine to be a part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of our old church Open Bible Baptist Church.  Pastor Lane has retired, but we had a lovely time seeing old friends.  Christa was able to go and most of the people had not seen here since she was a very little girl.  She got to see her most remembered friend, Uncle Billy and say goodbye to him.  He went to Heaven just 3 days later.

One of our friends from WOBC is from Maine and she went along with us.
We HAD to stop at Chick-Fil-A for lunch!

My dear friend, Paula Seavey from Maine.  She was in
a terrible car accident just a week before
this photo.  The Lord's hand of protection
was over her and she only walked away with
bruises and scratches!

This coming weekend, we will say goodbye to White Oak Baptist Church here in Stratford, CT.  They have been so dear to us since our return from Okinawa.  They have cared for the "least of these" and we are blessed.

Well, that is my journey thus far in 2014!  My sister made me do this update.  See, little sisters can be bullies too!!  Thank you for keeping up with us.  Come back soon.  I'll have an update on the big MOVE!!  Remember that God's Grace is never ending!