Monday, April 14, 2014

Missionary Monday - Our Steps

Psalms 37:23  The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

My (adopted) Granddaughter
We love you all!
Mommy and our baby girl!!

One of the hardest things in our work is saying goodbye to special people!  On our last Sunday at White Oak Baptist Church, they had a wonderful Sayonara Party for us.  My favorite Handsome Young Evangelist preached (Randy)!  We have made so many friends and the people of WOBC have loved us as one of their own.  They have helped carry our burdens through some deep valleys and we have seen Jesus in them.
My dear friend and Pastor's Wife
On Monday we headed to Groton to get Christa settled in her new apartment!  We truly have an empty nest now!  Tuesday we picked up the truck and loaded the whole thing in the afternoon thanks to all the men who helped us from WOBC!  Wednesday we headed back to the apartment to finish the cleaning and the landlord came by to check the apartment.  Thursday morning arrived quickly and at 5 a.m. we departed for Ohio.  The truck headed out at 4 a.m. with our Pastor and a few other men.  The Lord was gracious and there were no mishaps.  Hallelujah!
Just some of our helpers.  Aren't they a motley crew???

The truck arrived to the house around 5 p.m.  The men had it unpacked within a couple of hours and headed straight back to Connecticut!  I was never so glad that we were staying put!  The men looked tired, but they made a coffee stop and arrived safely home early on Friday morning!

The very next day we had snow!!!

One windy morning we woke up to find that we had inherited a trampoline!  I was given many suggestions on how fun it would be to have, but alas within a couple of hours the neighbors came to retrieve it.  It had flown over the fences and nestled up against one of our trees and the shed.  It was quite interesting watching them trying to get it up on the fence and back over with the wind fighting their every move!

Christa and our friend Pat came to visit us the next weekend and stayed for 6 days.  Randy and I had got so much done before their arrival that we were able to have a couple fun days.  We took a beautiful drive to Holmes County (Amish country) for a delicious meal and glorious sunshine!!

No trip to Holmes County would be complete for Randy without pie!
Christa and Pat enjoying lunch.

Christa hanging around with strange men again!!

After Pat and Christa headed for Connecticut on Saturday, we made a trip to spend the weekend with our new church family at First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio, and get some business done at firstBible.  Monday was a wild drive to Temperance, Michigan, in a terrific rain storm where I had the privilege to spend the evening with some of the ladies of Lewis Avenue Baptist Church.  They are such a blessing and it was joyous to reconnect with old friends that we hadn't seen in years!  

This week is about planning.  Planning the next year of meetings, planning our trip to India in the Fall, planning when we might be able to meet up with some of you!  We are so excited about this next leg of the journey, where it will take us and what it will bring into our lives! 


Our7isheaven said...

Kelly, I always enjoy your post! Your are such a blessing!

Tori Leslie said...

Girl, you are one busy gal! Loved seeing all your photos. Looks like God is blessing in big ways!

Anonymous said...

What fun with the new trampoline, both of Ya'll will have a lot of fun on it. My fav pic is the Grandma and Grandbaby one! Though mmmm, that guy in the purple dress shirt and tie is good lookin'.

-From your favorite Krista

IslandGirl said...

That's the favorite Krista with a "K". The real favorite is the Christa with the "Ch". ��