Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Terrific Tuesday - Perspective


Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
Philippians 4:11  

 I was thinking this morning, life is a matter of perspective.  We all know people that live their lives very much the same way we do.  God allows the same kinds of situations in their lives as in yours, yet somehow they think your life is easier, happier, more fun.  The verse above is key for Randy and I.  We literally have learned to be content in "whatsoever STATE" we are in; Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Connecticut, Florida..... you get the idea.  Do I miss my home?  Of course, especially my bed!!  However, I wouldn't trade my wonderfully comfy bed for the time I get to spend seeing friends and family, and making new friendships.  I really do have a WONDERFUL LIFE!!

Today we are in the UP and it was forecast to rain all day today, but this morning we woke up to sunshine!!  Whoo Hoo!!  I love when the Lord overrides the weather forecaster!  We had a nice relaxing and productive time at our week off in Cable, Wisconsin.  No phone service, but wifi and that works for us.  Our room had a screened porch on the back, praise the Lord or else the mosquitoes would have carried us off!  They were the size of bats!!  In the mornings and evenings, we would watch deer graze through the field.  On our drives we saw a bunch of woodpeckers.  I love just watching God's creation being busy in the wild.
Woodpecker on the left tree

Our dueling computers!!!
Next we headed to Racine for the weekend to be with our very special friends, the Dingmans and Lighthouse Baptist Church.  We always have a wonderful time of fellowship and it always includes much laughter!  Sunday afternoon, we took a 7 mile bike ride along Lake Michigan and back.  It was beautiful.

Debbie & John Dingman and my Hubby

Glad we weren't trying to swim in this!

Today we are in Ishpeming, Michigan.  We absolutely LOVE the UP and we are privileged to have dear friends to visit.  The window is open in our room, the birds are singing, and work is on the agenda. It doesn't get much better.

Enjoy the journey this week!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Filled - Fidgety - Frugal - Friday

I've decided that I don't have to stick with the original Friday tags!  After all, it's my blog!  There are no blog police to tell me I can't do it that way (well, not yet anyway).  So sticking with my womanly wiles, I am using my prerogative to change my mind!  Today though, I can't decide on a word that begins with "F", so I am using several.  They have absolutely nothing to do with my Friday, but maybe they will fit one of yours!

Dad Walking Tall
Wishing my niece, Happy Birthday
After we left South Dakota, we headed back to Minnesota to spend a week in Minneapolis with my family. I was able to spend time with Annetta, my madrasta, and my father.  Tuesday morning we arrived in time to see my Dad walking at the bars.  It brought me to tears as I haven't seen my Dad walking since his stroke in July 2010.  He had to have help from the therapist who would help him drag his bad leg forward.  I realized from watching my father, just how stubborn and determined we Wagners are!!!  He stands tall and works hard.  I am proud and honored to be his daughter.

My friend, Melissa
We were able to meet up with one of our couples from Okinawa on Thursday!  They are from Minnesota and returned here after they got out of the Army.  What a wonderful reunion!  They have three beautiful boys and it was so enjoyable to have dinner with them.  I love when the Lord allows our paths to cross those that we have met through the years and grew to love.

Caribou Coffee and Chick-fil-a
It doesn't get much better!
Friday night of our visit found us at my brother's house in Chaska for dinner.  Two of his children, their partners, and his grandchildren were over along with my Madrasta.  We were enjoying our time so much that we forgot to get pictures, something I really try to remember.  Maybe when we return in January we will remember.

During our visit in Minnesota, we were able to go over to my mother's grave and Randy cut the grass out around it.  I learned much from her and miss her greatly.  There are days when my grief is still great.   Heaven will be wonderful!

We got ready to leave the cemetery and Bo didn't want
to get up off the nice cool grass!
Randy ended up with my dreaded cold, though not nearly as bad.  He took to the bed and I was able to have dinner with Annetta.  I always enjoy spending time with her and hate saying goodbye.

Sunday we were with Rochester Baptist Church and the Noonan Family.  They are very special to us.  The Lord seems to put them in our paths when we need friends the most.  They have been by our side in some very dark days.  Sunday evening we were in Prairie Du Chein, Wisconsin, where they spoiled us rotten.

It is Friday and we are headed to Racine after spending this week in Cable where there is no cell service.  We spent our time working on our curriculum for India.  It was quiet and beautiful.  Our back screened in porch allowed us to watch deer grazing through the field in the mornings.  God gives us what we need and rest sometimes is very necessary.  

Well, I guess that sums up our travels lately.  I saw a post by the Christian comedian, Anita Renfroe.  It was a quote from a Dr. Robert Holden and it is great advice for our "journey":

Beware of Destination Addiction -
a preoccupation with the idea that happiness
is in the next place, the next job, 
and with the next partner.  Until you give
up the idea that happiness is somewhere
else, it will never be where you are.