Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where Has the Time Gone!

James 4:14  Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

I have no excuse.  Busyness got the best of me.  We were home for a few weeks in June and July and then off to New England.  We will be leaving soon for New England again and then on to India!  I am so excited for our trip this year.  We arrive back in the States the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and will spend that with Christa in Connecticut.  Then finally home we will go in time for Randy to have a bunch of medical tests (some really extensive ones) and then Christmas!!  We are praying that Christa will get to come home for the Christmas break.  Please be praying that someone will be able to watch her dog and she will be able to fly to Ohio.

During our time home I got to see my dear friend, Debbie Black.  She has had a severe illness for over a year and yet we still managed to do a lot of laughing!  Of course, pain meds always help.
Debbie Black and Me
On our way through Wisconsin in June, we stopped by our good friends the Dingmans.  We always have a wonderful time and this year they introduced us to good bikes and an app for the phone that helps track calories and exercise.  Randy has lost a whopping 15 pounds, Christa 10, and I am bringing up the rear with 9.6 pounds lost.  Randy and I have started cycling and we LOVE it.  My Dad and Madrasta always told us that good bikes were important, but I never realized how much more I would ride with a good bike.  On  the morning of Labor day, I fell and broke a rib on my right side.  I laid in the street making quite a lot of noise (who knew how bad a broken rib could hurt) and trying to catch my breath.  No one even came out of their homes to check on why I was making so much racket.  We tried to drive the 47 miles into Cleveland to the VA hospital, but there was no way that was happening. After 15 miles, we pulled into the nearest hospital emergency room.  They were fast at getting me in and out.  Praise the Lord for pain meds!!


Randy riding and trying to answer his phone!
Would this be considered "Texting while driving?"
Randy and Bo getting a rest on the porch.
The end of July found us journeying to Connecticut.  We had so much fun reuniting with our dear friends at White Oak Baptist Church.  I love living in Ohio, but I wish we could transplant the church here also!!  Of course, a trip to Connecticut is not complete without spending time with Christa!  We took our friends, Steve and Shirley, out for their birthdays at our favorite seafood stop in West Haven, Stowes!!!  They have been such a blessing to Christa, especially since Randy and I moved back to Ohio in March.  I also got to spend some time with my friend Val on her little farm.  I really did enjoy seeing her kissing the goat (not really - just dramatic emphasis!)

Shirley and Me
Dad and daughter!  Aren't they cute?!

Steve and Shirley
My wonderful friend Val - the goat woman!!

Paula Seavey and Me! (always me)
In August, we made our way up to Maine.  We were with our college friends, Pastor and Mrs. Seavey, in Palermo, Maine, and had a great time remenicsing about the "old days".  

Have you ever had a friend or friends that you might not see for many years and then one day you reconnect and it seems as though you never parted?  That sums up our friendship with Chet and Martha Garrison!  We haven't seen them really since we left Maine for college in 1992.  One morning they decided to take us to Boothbay Harbor.  It is a beautiful place.  Martha knew there was a little country store where we could get fresh haddock sandwiches for lunch.  Off we went.  Note to anyone reading this that knows Martha:  You might want to take along a map and a SAT phone if Martha suggests going for lunch.  We didn't eat until 3:00 PM.  Not because we weren't hungry, but because it took us that long to find it!  However, in the end it was well worth the wait.  She was right; it was delicious!!
Chet & Maaaatha
My Handsome Young Evangelist!

Great sign!
View from our lunch table

Mill Cove Lobster - They will ship you lobster!
Thank you for taking the time to share our journey this summer.  It has been full of ups and downs, but the Lord has never forsaken us or left us alone.  I am off to bed.

I will be working hard to keep this more up to date, especially during our trip to India.  Keep checking back! Until next time!