Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Training at Timothy Theological College

Even though some of our team (me) are still struggling with the ongoing issue of jetlag, we had a tremendous two days of training with the students at TTC. There were 2 that trusted Christ as Saviour and  numerous others that made decisions concerning service for the Lord. The students and staff were such a blessing to us.

The college has only one main lecture hall, so the 32 ladies moved to the beautiful outdoors. Despite a few minor noise issues  (a train 50ft away; big trucks on the road; and military helicopters flying overhead) we managed to get through all the training!! The ladies were very patient with us. Toward the end they sang us a song in Hindi. It was beautiful.

This morning we went to a local school for their opening assembly. Randy preached to the older children and Tammy and I sang with the first year students. We taught them a few songs and they sang a song about David and Goliath in Hindi. Afterwards, we had a light snack. The pastor's wife recently had twin girls, so both Tammy and I had our own baby cuddle time!

Tomorrow we begin a three day training schedule at All Nations Baptist Church.

Thank you to all have given, prayed, or done both. Our journey would not be possible without you all!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ministry and Mountains!

What a Sunday we had!!  Our first stop was with Shalom Baptist Church and City Baptist Church in Guwahati.  That is also where we had training on Saturday. Brother Siekbert preached a tremendous salvation message and afterwards we had a short time of fellowship.  It was a blessing to spend time with people that are different in language and culture, yet we have the same Holy Spirit living within us.

Immediately after the fellowship time, we went to another church, Kuki Baptist Church.  We arrived after service had begun and departed before it was over, but not before Randy had an opportunity to preach a message on "Does Jesus Know You?"  FirstBible and Trinitarian have just completed the Bible in the Thadu tongue, this is the language of the Kuki people.  A team will be delivering it to the people next month!!  Exciting days!!!! 

When we left the church, we headed to KFC for lunch and then on to the train station.  This was the part of the trip I was dreading the most!  Tammy and I did stick out; it was terribly crowded; and hectic doesn't even begin to describe how we got the mass of luggage and boxes onto the train.  However, it was not as bad as I had planned on.  The other passengers in our area of the train were quite helpful, kind, and generous.  We had sooooo much luggage with the seven of us that we would not have had anywhere to sit had not one of the  families given up one of their bunk spots for part of the luggage.  Once we were settled all was  well and the journey began, but not before Pastor Churo and the men we hired to help  carry the luggage had to jump from the train as it pulled away from the platform!! 

There is one tiny area of the train that did meet all of my expectations, the bathroom!!  No words!!!!  I have included pictures.  I was ever so glad I came prepared with wipes and a friend for moral support!  Thanks for the memories, Tammy!!  Tammy and I know that as missionaries, seeing something as a comical challenge can get us through difficult circumstances.  One last statement on this topic, THANK YOU to the person who invented disinfecting wipes!!  Just sayin'!

We are in a nice hotel in Dimapur and I must hasten to get ready as we head to a college to conduct training this morning.  The Lord is working!  Please continue to pray for us!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Training Day!

Exhausted and excited would be an accurate description of how I feel this evening! Today was a joy. The people here in Guwahati have been such a blessing to us and were very pleased that we women came with the team. We started the morning by getting to know each other and asking questions. Tammy, the other missionary wife, is a great teacher and did a wonderful job sharing why it is so important to teach our children the things of the Lord. I taught on what the Bible shows us about Noah's wife. After a break for lunch, Tammy showed how to use object lessons in teaching our children. The last lesson was about a wise mouth versus a foolish mouth. That one really hurt and I was the one teaching!!!

We ended the day having dinner at the hotel, showering, packing, and preparing for tomorrow. We will take our first train ride in India tomorrow afternoon!! Please be praying. I have attached a few pictures from our hotel. I will take my phone tomorrow to take pictures I can post.

Thank you for sharing our journey! Your love and prayers mean so much!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Good News!

The good news is that the Siekberts made all their connections and we arrived in Delhi together. The other good news is that ALL the luggage arrived!!!!!!! Off to get a shower and go to bed. It is 217 a.m. and we haven't slept since we left Boston!


We have just enough time to grab a Starbucks! Waiting at the gate for the Siekberts and praying they make it in time! Praise the Lord Randy is NOT on crutches this year!!! Hi, Christa!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Travel to India

Well, today is the day we head to India!! I am testing my ability to update the blog through email. It will make it quicker when we might catch a brief moment of internet during our journey. At the moment we are sitting at Starbucks having coffee and using the internet. Randy is trying to finish a few last minute reports. Road travel is hard on office work!

Our dear friends the Higleys will pick us up at Christa's at 3 pm for the trip to Boston. I will try to check in once we land in London and before the Delhi connection. 

May you enjoy the next few weeks as we take you into the Northeast corner of India. We are blessed to be going back to see "old" friends " and make new ones.