Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Training Day!

Exhausted and excited would be an accurate description of how I feel this evening! Today was a joy. The people here in Guwahati have been such a blessing to us and were very pleased that we women came with the team. We started the morning by getting to know each other and asking questions. Tammy, the other missionary wife, is a great teacher and did a wonderful job sharing why it is so important to teach our children the things of the Lord. I taught on what the Bible shows us about Noah's wife. After a break for lunch, Tammy showed how to use object lessons in teaching our children. The last lesson was about a wise mouth versus a foolish mouth. That one really hurt and I was the one teaching!!!

We ended the day having dinner at the hotel, showering, packing, and preparing for tomorrow. We will take our first train ride in India tomorrow afternoon!! Please be praying. I have attached a few pictures from our hotel. I will take my phone tomorrow to take pictures I can post.

Thank you for sharing our journey! Your love and prayers mean so much!!

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Tori Leslie said...

Wow, sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Have a wonderful time. Praying for Gods protection!