Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Training at Timothy Theological College

Even though some of our team (me) are still struggling with the ongoing issue of jetlag, we had a tremendous two days of training with the students at TTC. There were 2 that trusted Christ as Saviour and  numerous others that made decisions concerning service for the Lord. The students and staff were such a blessing to us.

The college has only one main lecture hall, so the 32 ladies moved to the beautiful outdoors. Despite a few minor noise issues  (a train 50ft away; big trucks on the road; and military helicopters flying overhead) we managed to get through all the training!! The ladies were very patient with us. Toward the end they sang us a song in Hindi. It was beautiful.

This morning we went to a local school for their opening assembly. Randy preached to the older children and Tammy and I sang with the first year students. We taught them a few songs and they sang a song about David and Goliath in Hindi. Afterwards, we had a light snack. The pastor's wife recently had twin girls, so both Tammy and I had our own baby cuddle time!

Tomorrow we begin a three day training schedule at All Nations Baptist Church.

Thank you to all have given, prayed, or done both. Our journey would not be possible without you all!

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Tori Leslie said...

What a huge opportunity. Praise the Lord for your willingness and those are want to learn.