Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friday Ladies' Training and Saturday Evening Hostel Preaching

On Friday Tammy and I conducted a morning training time for area teachers and "housewives". One of the ladies said she was "just" a housewife taking care of home and children AND running a hostel!! I told them there was NO such thing as "just a housewife." I married a man not a house, for one thing. The other thing is that all work is important! When we took pictures at the end and someone called for a group picture with the housewives, one of the ladies said, "I am housewife no more. Now I am Homemaker!" Tammy did a great job as usual training the ladies on how to make teaching more productive. We passed out the hand sanitizer that many people in America donated.

Saturday the men separated and went to two hostels to preach. They both saw 15 trust the Saviour. Today we head by helicopter to Aizuto. We are excited to see how the Lord will use us!

Have a blessed week.

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Tori Leslie said...

Praise The Lord for souls saved! So glad you're able to help ladies to understand how blessed we are to be wives and mothers. What a blessing!