Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Ireland had a vaguely familiar feel to it.  I only had to contemplate for a few minutes to discern that it so reminds me of Sao Miguel, Ilha Verde!  It gave me a longing to go for a visit, but I know that Sao Miguel will never be "home" to me again.  God has moved my life along and while the Azores was part of my journey, it is only ONE part.

Our friends the Eberlys picked us up at the airport and we were blessed to stay in their lovely home with a beautiful view of the rolling green hills.  The first day was dry and filled with sun.  Actually, we had a few days like that.  However, we did see our fair share of Irish rain, rain, and more rain. You will most likely be disappointed in the pictures of this post as we did not play "sightseers", but rather respite needers!!  It was a perfect stopping place on our return from India to the United States.

Views from the Eberly's front yard

Early morning
Beautiful sun shining on a random house

On Saturday, the Eberlys had some friends from church over for an early Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun eating and visiting with these folks.  They were all from South Africa, which made it doubly interesting to hear about another country, culture, and language, I was unfamiliar with.  We were blessed to spend Sunday with Pastor Ledbetter and Ballincolig Bible Baptist Church.

These young adults are from South Korea.  This church is VERY
multicultural!  Made for such an enjoyable visit!
Mrs. Eberly, on the right, with a couple of her friends.  
This gentleman is from Lisbon!!!!  Loved meeting him and
getting to speak some Portuguese with him!  The little
boy is Irish.  He wanted to be in the picture so badly!!
The famous tourist shop in Cork!  It really is your one stop shop!!!
Found this cemetery in the middle of downtown Cork.
Monday found us flying back to London for one night due to a morning flight back to Boston on Tuesday.

Cork Airport waiting for our flight to London
My first Peppermint Mocha of the season in London!!
Fortnum & Mason at Heathrow

So about 18 months ago, our dear friend Autumn took us near Picadilly to have tea in the Jubilee Tea Room at the famous Fortnum & Mason (it's where the Queen shops).  I fell in love with a tea blend there named 'Countess Grey'.  I was just telling Randy as we departed the hotel that I wished that we had had time to run into London to buy some tea, but that was not to be.  As we headed for our gate at Heathrow, I spotted a construction area with a big sign and an arrow that said, "Fortnum & Mason this way".  I followed those signs right to this spot!!!  They had only been open 1 week!!!  I was able to buy my tea, sample some goodies, and still catch our flight home!!

Our trip to India and the stop in Ireland was pretty amazing.  We are so blessed to have the job we do. The bitter sweet part is leaving our friends, new and old, in the different countries we travel to. Sometimes I long to be in my home much longer than a couple weeks at a time.  It would be wonderful not to go home just to go to doctor appointments.  However, that is not my journey. EVERY journey has a cost.  Mine is spending it on the road, living out of suitcases, and being far away from friends and family most of the time.  Let's be thankful for the journey the Lord has given us and ask what He wants us to accomplish along the way.