Monday, December 7, 2015


What a wonderful time we had in Jammu!  So many new faces and this time we were blessed to stay in our friends home instead of in a hotel.  Neha can really cook!  She is a gracious pastor's wife who tried to anticipate and meet our every need.  There was no running hot water and yet she always had hot water ready in the evening and in the morning for anyone that needed to wash up.  We taught classes, fellowshipped, and ate!  Before we knew it, our time was over and we were being whisked onto a plane headed for Delhi!
My new Indian grandson, Ashish
Some of the ladies who attended my classes.
I would go on the roof in the morning and this little girl would wave at me!
Randy teaching with an interrupter.
Being honored by my sweet interpreter, Pranita.
Just a family out for a drive!
Dear beloved, Neha!
Wonderful Family
A Christian Warrior!
Mother and Son
Grandma and Ashish
One last picture on the way out the door!

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